No Preventing Animals from Reproducing

In פרשת אמור, there is a discussion of the subject of מום, blemishes. There are מומים that apply to Kohanim that prevents them from serving in the Temple.

The Rambam says that there are ninety blemishes that apply to animals and 140 that apply to humans. Regarding animals, they can still be eaten but not offered as sacrifices. Regarding Kohanim, they are allowed to eat sanctified foods.

In Chapter 22:24, there is a reference to an animal’s sexual organs being crushed (מעוך and Katut). The ספר החינוך lists as one of the 613 Mitzvot, the prohibition of spaying or neutering an animal. One who does so with warning and witnesses would be punished with lashes.

We must be careful to study all of the details of the Torah and observe them.