New Beginnings

An important idea that is learned from the Parsha, is that we always get a chance to make new beginnings.

Rabbi Berel Wein elaborated on this by showing how many times we are given a chance to start over. Debts are forgiven during the Shmitta year. This way, one has hope even after he has accumulated heavy obligations to others.

When one gets married or makes Aliya, his sins are forgiven, and he also has a chance to start over.

The יובל, Jubilee year allows for family estates to be returned to their ancestors.

And, of course, the concept of Teshuva, repentance, is available to everyone, so that no matter how far away one gets from Hashem, he can always come back.

This is an answer that solves the problem where so often people feel that their problems are insurmountable. The Torah is aware of this and helps find ways to fix the problems and allow us to start all over again.