Struggle for Torah

Shavua Tov. Parshat בחוקותי  begins with the words, אם בחוקותי תלכו, if you keep My statutes. The commentaries explain this to mean, שיהיו עמלים בתורה, that we should struggle for Torah.

There is also a famous Pasuk in איוב that says, אדם לעמל יולד, that man was born to struggle.

The message here is to teach us that we are put here on this earth to work hard. Whether it’s related to the observance of Mitzvot, or any endeavor in life, we are meant to work hard, לעמול, in order to succeed.

Marriage is a perfect example of working hard for success. We must be prepared to give of ourselves fully to our spouse and children, in order to create a proper environment of love and Kedusha, holiness.

It is probably a good rule of thumb to put ourselves in the mindset of enjoying giving more than receiving. We need to struggle to see where we can make a difference in helping others as well.

The recommendation of our Rabbis to struggle for Torah, should be taken very seriously.