Israel is Home

In both Parshat בהר and בחוקותי, we have the words, וישבתם לבטח בארצכם, and you will live securely in your land. To this the Rabbis comment, “In your land you will live securely, but not outside of Israel.

The message here is an important one. We must know and be clear that the Jewish people have only one home. And that home is ארץ ישראל. Any other place in the world is not our home. We are merely guests there.

Many have the זכות to make this realization about Israel. Often people feel it the first time they visit Israel. There is something very different about this place.

It is the excited Jewish soul celebrating that it has finally been placed where it belongs. Israel is the only home for the Jewish people. This is why we are secure only in Israel. Because only Israel is our home.