Orderly Tribes

We begin the Book of במדבר this week. Most of the book deals with the travels of the Jews in the desert. Parshat Bamidbar discusses how בני ישראל traveled and how they camped.

Rabbeinu Bechaye points out that there are three different occasions when we see a reference as to how they traveled and camped.

The first was when Yakov’s twelve sons carried his remains to Israel to be buried in מערת המכפלה. Three sons each carried their father on four sides. For example, the east side was flanked by Yehuda, Yissasschar, and Zevulun.

The same order was followed when twelve leaders each offered their respective sacrifices during the week that the Mishkan was dedicated. Again, Yehuda, Yissasschar, and Zevulon.

Therefore, it was no surprise when בני ישראל were taught how to travel in the desert according to the same order.

They ultimately camped in groups of three in each of the four directions.

We see how everything is planned in שמים. It is our job to follow Hashem’s wishes. Shabbat Shalom