True Friends

Shavua Tov. I am always very moved by the Haftarah we read today for מחר חודש, when Rosh Chodesh falls on Sunday.

It describes the scene of David running away from King Shaul, who is trying to kill him. Shaul’s son Yonatan, David’s trusted friend, agrees to give him a signal if he must run away. They were hoping that Shaul calmed down and was no longer angry with David. The signal indicated that David must run away which meant that the two trusted friends were likely to never see each other again.

They embraced for what they thought was the last time. David wept so profusely that it took him a while to collect himself.

This relationship is described as אהבה שאינה תלויה בדבר, a love that was not dependent on anything. It was true and real. It is something to emulate and admire. Love between friends that is filled with loyalty and trust is the goal. We should all try to be such friends to others and, hopefully, it will be reciprocated. חודש טוב.