The Role of the Levi

We learn in these Parshiot, the special role of the לוי. In the desert, the לויים were divided into three groups. Each had a special task in carrying the Mishkan when it was dismantled.

Gershon was the oldest of the three brothers. He carried the curtains and coverings. Merari carried the beams, and Kehat had the most important job. They were in charge of the seven holy vessels.

In the Temple, the Leviim also had three different tasks. Some of them were charged with playing musical instruments as part of Temple service. Others who were blessed with good voices, were the singers during Temple service. And a third group were charged with guard duty.

In short, we see that each Levi had his special תפקיד, or job. Each of us also his special תפקיד. Hashem gives each of us their own special talents and abilities. We are charged with the responsibility of achieving all that we can in serving Hashem with these talents and abilities. It’s not always easy to know what our תפקיד is, but it’s our job to find out what that תפקיד is.