One of the basic principles of Judaism as explained by the Rambam, is that there is such a thing as prophecy. There was a period of 1000 years from יציאת מצרים to forty years into the second Temple period, where prophecy existed.

A great deal is learned about the specifics of prophecy from פרשת בהעלותך. We are taught that some received prophecy by way of a dream. Others, by way of going into a trance. But the prophecy of Moshe Rabbeinu was higher than any prophet that ever lived. He remained in a state of complete consciousness. He spoke with Hashem as two people would hold a conversation with one another.

This was the reason that Moshe separated from his wife. He needed to be on call at all times to hear the word of Hashem. Others needed to work hard to be on a level to be able to receive prophecy. Moshe maintained that level at all times.

When Mashiach comes, all will receive prophecy. We look forward to that day but in order to get ready, we should work at elevating ourselves spiritually.