G-d’s Enemies

In פרשת בהעלותך, we have the description of the ארון קדש traveling by itself in a miraculous fashion. The holy ark literally flew on its own and cleared the path of snakes and scorpions.

When Moshe saw the ark traveling, he said, קומה ה׳ ויפוצו אויביך וינוסו משנאיך מפניך. He asked for Hashem’s glory to rise and that His enemies should be scattered.

Rabbeinu Bechaye says that G-d’s enemies are those who question the truth and validity of the Torah. They mock the authenticity of the Torah.

Rashi wrote that the enemies of Hashem are those who hate the Jewish people. Simply put, the Jew haters are saying, “Jew, you are nothing. And your G-d is nothing.”

We likewise pray that the mockers of Torah and the Jew haters be scattered from Hashem’s Presence. Shabbat Shalom