Request for Meat

Shavua Tov. In today’s Parsha, we read of the people’s complaining about wanting meat and that they were not satisfied with the Manna from heaven.

Moshe Rabbeinu asks where will he be able to find meat to feed all the people. The various commentators discuss this comment made by Moshe. Some were of the opinion that there was real concern that there would not be enough cattle to supply the nation.

The Yalkut Shimoni rejects this answer because it does not jive with the request of the two and a half tribes who asked for land on the other side of the Jordan, due to their abundant cattle.

The Yalkut answers this by saying that the complainers knew that there was enough meat to go around. They complained for the sake of complaining. And they were really challenging the strict rules of family purity.

Moshe’s question of where will he find meat, was really an expression of frustration. He was saying in frustration, that there was no way in pleasing these people. They will always find a reason to gripe.

The solution was to establish a Sanhedrin to help Moshe deal with a tough nation.