A very important Pasuk in the Torah, is a simple one. It reads, והאיש משה עניו מכל אדם, that “the man, Moshe, was the humblest of all men.”

We learn that there is a direct connection between greatness and humility. The greater the person, the more humble he is. The smaller the person, the more conceited he is.

Moshe Rabbeinu knew G-d more intimately than any other human being. The more he learned about Hashem’s awesome power, the more he realized his own smallness. Compared to Hashem, regardless of man’s achievements, they were insignificant.

The Ramban explained this idea to his son in אגרת הרמבן. He wrote that by controlling our anger, we are able to achieve humility. And humility is the key to all good things. It will lead to love of G-d, and will allow one to be שמח בחלקו, happy with his lot in life.

We must always remind ourselves to attribute our accomplishments to Hashem’s kindness. We must never get carried away with ourselves. Our emphasis should be to achieve humility. For humility is the key to all good things.