Dealing With Wealth

The ארחות צדיקים says that wealth can either be a ברכה, קללה, or נסיון, a blessing, curse, or a test. This all depends on how the individual handles his money.

Korach was extremely wealthy but his wealth led to his downfall. The book of משלי has two verses that also express this. One Pasuk says, בוטח בעשרו הוא יפול, that one who relies on his wealth will fall. And the other Pasuk is עושר שמור לבעליו לרעתו, wealth is guarded for its owners to his detriment.

Haman was another who relied on his wealth and fell. The same was true with Korach. When one has great wealth, he has a sense of entitlement. He feels that everything is coming to him. The Rabbis further add that one of the main reasons why people rebel against Hashem, is because they are filled up, meaning, full of material possessions.

Life presents interesting challenges. Learning how to remain humble and continue to serve Hashem and depend on Him alone, is one of those challenges.