Doing Hashem’s Will

In Pirkei Avot, רבן גמליאל, the son of רבי יהודה הנשיא, had some very sound advice. He advises that we learn to make Hashem’s will our will. For in doing so, His will will be like your will.

Rabban Gamliel is telling us the importance of ביטול, self nullification, and הכנעה, surrendering before Hashem. It is our duty to accept that the ultimate knowledge is possessed by G-d. He alone knows and guides us as to how we are to act in this world.

If we adopt this philosophy, we will understand that our views and opinions must all be based on the Torah. If we submit even to those issues that we don’t necessarily agree with, but defer to that which our Torah teaches, we will see great rewards.

Such a philosophy will bring us protection from those wishing to harm us. And it will ultimately give us satisfaction and peace of mind.

All we need to do is make our will like His will.