This week we read פרשת בלק. The מעינה של תורה asks why a Jew hater like בלק deserved to have a Parsha named after him. Aside from this, most of the narrative is surrounded by the antics of בלעם, much more than בלק.

The answer given is that we know that generally the גוים hate the Jews. We say עשו שונא את יעקב, that Eisav hates Yakov. However, most of the Jew haters tend to hide and cover up their disdain for the Jews. They act friendly on the outside but despise us on the inside. We are not always aware that we need to be on guard with them.

Balak is granted his own Parsha because he does not try to conceal his feelings about the Jewish people. Because of his honesty and openness, he is granted that a Torah portion be called by his name. Shabbat Shalom