Seeking Money

The תורה תמימה makes a comparison between Rav Yossi Ben Kisma in פרקי אבות and the behavior of Bilaam.

In Rav Yossi Ben Kisma’s case, he says that if he was given all of the gold and silver in the world, he would not live in a place that didn’t have Torah.

Bilaam, on the other hand, tells Balak that even if he were given a house full of gold and silver, he would not go against Hashem.

The difference between the two cases is that Rav Yossi Ben Kisma was actually offered a large sum of money to take a position in another place. Bilaam was not offered anything. He was insincere and was actually hinting that if he received monetary reward, he would go against Hashem and curse the Jewish people.

We clearly see the huge difference between the truthfulness of a Tzaddik and the deviousness of the Rasha.