Eliminating Evil

Shavua Tov. There is an extreme contrast between Leftist views and the Torah regarding evil. The Leftists believe that everyone is inherently good, and if someone commits a heinous crime, it is only because he is frustrated. Had he received more love and more hugs, he never would have committed the crime.

The Torah, on the other hand, believes that Hashem Himself created evil in order to reward the righteous for making the right choice. Life is a test and if one passes this test and chooses good, he will receive eternal reward.

Rabbeinu Bechaye emphasizes this point in regard to Pinchas and the praise he ultimately received for his heroic act. He writes that when one spills the blood of רשעים, it’s as if he offered a קרבן to Hashem.

We also say that when evil and the wicked are destroyed, it is a merciful act. The world now becomes a better place with the elimination of evil.

The Torah teaches the true values one must possess. When the world realizes it, the world will be a far better place.