Canceling Vows

This year is unusual in that we read פרשת מטות alone and not together with פרשת מסעי. One of the themes of this Parsha is the use of speech.

There is a discussion of the nullification of vows. A young girl under twelve and a half has her father being able to cancel the vows she makes. A married woman has her vows nullified by her husband.

The symbolism of this idea, is that “father” really refers to Hashem. He is looking after his daughters to bring them protection.

An example of this was when once a girl vowed that she would not drink wine. Without her knowing it, her father canceled the vow. She couldn’t resist one day and broke her vow and drank wine. She felt terrible and thought that she had sinned. Her “father” protected her from sin. She was greatly relieved to learn how her father protected her.

So we see that there’s a hidden message behind this idea of nullification of vows. We are to constantly remind ourselves that Hashem is always protecting us. Shabbat Shalom