Do Mitzvot Without Delay

Shavua Tov. An interesting point made in today’s Parsha, is the instructions Moshe received regarding taking vengeance against Midyan.

Moshe is told that this is the final task he is expected to do, before he is taken from this world. The Midrash tells us that many of the nation tried to convince Moshe to “take his time” before fulfilling this task. This way, they would be able to spend a little more time with their great leader.

Moshe refused and wanted to teach the Jewish people that when there is a Mitzva to be performed, we are to do it without delay.

Yehoshua’s task was to conquer thirty one kings before he was to die. We are told that he was a bit lax in this commandment. Because of this, ten years were taken from his life. He died at 110 instead of 120. ( It is remarkable that in 1967 with Hashem’s help, we fulfilled in six days what it took Yehoshua seven years to accomplish!)

In any case, the message learned from Moshe is to act with alacrity that which Hashem commands us to do.