Rav Shlomo Mann זצ״ל, took the section of the Torah that discusses vows and oaths, to emphasize the importance of honesty and integrity.

This all begins with keeping our word. If we promise to do something, we must do what we promise. The same is obviously true when one makes an oath or a vow. The Torah says, ככל היוצא מפיו יעשה, whatever leaves a person’s mouth, he must fulfill.

This idea of honesty is to apply in all aspects of life. When doing business, our word needs to be our word. We must fulfill contracts that we sign, to the letter. When there are expectations to make payments at a specific time, our determination to do what is right, always makes us pay on time.

We also need to be careful to always tell the truth. Even when we relate a story that we hear, we should relate it accurately, without exaggerations.

We should never mislead people. It is wrong to give people false hope. It is also important to be punctual. This is also a demonstration of one’s integrity. He shows respect for the other person’s time by not keeping him waiting.

It is a good idea from time to time to simply take a few moments to remind ourselves the importance of honesty, integrity, and keeping our word.