Halachic Human Nature

The fascinating aspect of Halacha, is how the Rabbis incorporate human nature into Jewish Law. There are three general rules that is brought in the Talmud regarding a Jew’s interaction with his fellow Jew.

The first such rule has to do with loans. The Rabbis say that no Jew would dare deny that he received a loan from another Jew. He might lower the amount of the loan but would never deny it completely.

The second and third rules deal with an individual’s private property. It is not possible that a Jew would enter another Jew’s field or orchard, and start picking or eating fruit without permission.

Similarly, a Jew would never enter another’s property and begin cutting down trees without permission.

Some question whether or not Jews still have that level of integrity today. Nevertheless, the three cases mentioned, did apply in Talmudic times, and helped solve problems regarding loans and property ownership.