Types of Mitzvot

Parshat חוקת introduces us to the concept of a חוק, referring to the Mitzvot of the Torah that we do not understand the reason.

Rabbeinu Bechaye categorizes three types of Mitzvot. The first category are called מצוות מקובלות, that refer to those that we received through the מסורת or oral tradition. These include תפילין, ציצית, סוכה, שופר, לולב, and ברית מילה. These are also referred to as עדות, or testimonies.

The next category are מושכלות, or those that we can figure out through our intellect. These include the prohibitions of stealing, murder, and cheating in business matters.

And the last category is called מצוות שאין טעמן נגלה, the Mitzvot whose reason is not revealed. Included here would be the scapegoat of Yom Kippur, בשר בחלב, Shaatnez, and the פרה אדומה, the Red Heifer.

Regardless of the Mitzva and whether we understand it or not, we submit to Hashem and try to fulfill them all.