Desert Challenge

This Shabbat is unusual in that we read פרשת מסעי separately from פרשת מסעי. Outside of Israel, it is a double Parsha. For the first time since Pesach, all of the Jews around the world will read the same Parsha.

Moshe recounts the forty two journeys that בני ישראל traveled during their forty years in the desert.

Rabbeinu Bechaye says that we are to acknowledge the פלא, wonder of the desert. It was a dangerous place filled with scorpions and dangerous snakes. Yet, the Jewish people followed Moshe into the desert with the belief that Hashem would protect them from all of the obstacles that lie ahead.

It is a simple message for all of us. There are times when we experience our own type of enslavement and manage to have our own יציאת מצרים, (especially for those Jews smart enough to move to Israel.)

We are often thrust into a מדבר of uncertainty, when we are confronted with life’s challenges. But we must never forget that our blind faith and trust in Hashem, will get us past all of the obstacles along the way. Shabbat Shalom