Fear G-d as We Fear Man

When Moshe recounts the years of the desert, he reminds the עם how difficult and rebellious they were. He needed to appoint judges and to form a Sanhedrin.

Moshe took the opportunity to speak about the responsibilities of being a judge. They were obviously not allowed to take a bribe, nor were they supposed to show favoritism to the rich or the poor.

There is one Pasuk that stands out regarding judges. The Torah says, לא תגורו מפני איש, that the judge should not be afraid of any man. This should apply to all of us. We should go about our lives with the confidence that we are walking in Hashem’s ways, and we need not be afraid of any man.

This was the advice of Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai on his death bed to his students. They were to fear G-d just as they fear man. He felt that this was the most important message to give to his students. It certainly is an important one.