Time for Geula

Now that Tisha B’Av is behind us, we enter a new phase of the שבעה דנחמתא, the seven weeks of comfort before Rosh Hashanah.

We are leaving the heaviness and sadness connected with grieving over what we once had. We were to have focused on that which caused the destruction and Galut, and learn its lessons.

Now we focus on rebuilding and look forward to the Geula, the Redemption. We are given these three weeks to rest, regroup, and collect our thoughts.

We are to approach the month of Elul with new vigor and resolve to work on ourselves and do Teshuva. We must realize that it is in our hands to make this happen.

We are living in truly amazing times where we witness great miracles daily. Now Hashem is only waiting for His people to return to Him. Enough grieving and sadness. The time for the גאולה is now!