No Opinions of Our Own

Parshat ואתחנן continues with Moshe’s charge to the עם before his death. He attempts to instill in them the proper way of observing Hashem’s commandments and having the right priorities in life.

Rabbeinu Bechaye commented on a specific Pasuk worth noting. The Torah says the following: ראה למדתי אתכם חוקים ומשפטים כאשר צוני ה׳ אלוקי, “Observe the laws and statutes that I taught you as commanded to me by Hashem, my G-d.” What Moshe is saying is that nothing that he told the people to do, came from himself. Everything was exactly as Hashem instructed him.

This is a very important lesson for us. We are to realize our own insignificance as compared with the greatness of Hashem. Any opinion that we express, should have its basis in the Torah.

This is also expressed in Pirkei Avot where it says that we are to make our will like His will. We need to study more Torah so that we will know what is Hashem’s will. This idea was taught to us by Moshe Rabbeinu. This is the correct philosophy to bring us peace of mind and contentment.