Do Not Bring an Abomination to Our Home

Rabbeinu Bechaye has a commentary on Parshat Eikev that is far from politically correct. He commented on the Pasuk, ולא תביא תועבה אל ביתך, that one should not bring an abomination in one’s home. (Some spell abomination, “Obamanation”. This is not a pc Dvar Torah today.)

By way of אסמכתא, to the prohibition of bringing עבודה זרה into one’s home, Rabbeinu Bechaye learns that one should not rent his home to a non-Jew. This is a form of bringing a תועבה into your home.

The Ramban adds that this also refers to the ישמעאלים, the Muslims.

This makes sense as the home is meant to be a מקדש מעט, a small sanctuary. Allowing Gentiles to take over our home would decrease the energy of sanctity that we try to create in our home. Aside from not keeping kosher, other practices of theirs are very distant from the ways of our holy Torah.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak says the word תועבה sound very much like the word TV or television. And this is a רמז, hint, not to bring one into our homes. Shabbat Shalom