Fulfillment of Prophecy

Shavua Tov-

We are now in the middle of the שבעה דנחמתא, the seven weeks of comforting Haftarot after the rebukes connected with the three weeks.

The last Pasuk of the Haftarah of עקב is very powerful and very comforting. I will give my own loose interpretation.

“When Hashem will comfort ציון, He will comfort all of its ruins. And He will replace the desolation and abandoned territories, by turning them into גן עדן. Rejoicing and happiness will again return to these places. There will be expressions of thanksgiving accompanied with the sounds of song.”

What struck me about this Pasuk, is that we are witnessing its fulfillment in our own lifetimes as we see the miraculous State of Israel flourishing after so many years of abandonment . Happy are we that have been זוכה to witness this with our own eyes. May all of our Jewish brethren wake up and come home!