Remain Humble

A major theme of פרשת עקב, is the importance of remaining humble. One of the most well known verses in the Parsha is: כחי ועוצם ידי עשה לי את החיל הזה, “My strength and the strength of my hand, have brought me all of this success.”

Moshe rebukes the nation and warns them that one must never have such an attitude. He must attribute every success that he has, to Hashem’s abundant kindness.

The Prophet Yirmiyahu warns us about this very point. He tells us that we should not praise the wise man because of his wisdom. We should not praise the גבור, the powerful man because of his strength. Nor should we praise the rich man because of his wealth. Wisdom, strength, and wealth, are all G-d given gifts.

Jeremiah goes on to say that the one who is deserving of praise is the one who seeks to know Hashem.

We must always remind ourselves not to take anything for granted. There is a tendency to get carried away with our successes. The challenge for us is to keep our feet on the ground and remain humble. כחי ועוצם ידי was brought to remind us of this message.