Rabbeinu Bechaye uses פרשת ראה as the opportunity to speak about the dangers associated with עצלנות, laziness. This is considered a very negative character trait that can cause great damage. One can be עצל בביתו, בגופו, ובנפשו, laziness at home, in his body, and with his soul.

Laziness at home can refer to an instance where one has a crack in his ceiling. If he fixes it immediately, he will incur a minimal expense. If he waits because of laziness, his expense will increase.

Laziness with גופו, refers to where one is lazy at trying to earn a living. If he works diligently, he will have פרנסה. If he sits back and relies on miracles, he will be left lacking.

And with נפש, refers to where one lacks diligence in the observance of Mitzvot and the study of Torah. He will not work on his Midot, and he will pay the ultimate price.

One needs to be aware that laziness is something that one should not take lightly. He needs to find the inner strength to motivate himself in all three areas mentioned. Shabbat Shalom