Aliya According to Ramban

Shavua Tov. According to the Ramban, the Mitzva to make Aliya and settle the Land of Israel, is learned from today’s Parsha.

In verse 33:53, the Torah says, והורשתם את הארץ וישבתם בה, that “You shall inherit the Land and dwell in it.”

The Ramban says the following: “It is my opinion that this is a positive commandment. We are commanded to settle the Land and inherit it, as it was given to us. And we must not belittle the inheritance of Hashem. And if one should consider conquering and settling another land, has transgressed the Mitzvot of Hashem.”

The Ramban continues, “The Rabbis demonstrated the importance of this Mitzva by making it clear that a woman who refuses to live in Israel, is a rebellious woman. And the same by the husband. Such a refusal is grounds for divorce. This is a מצות עשה, a positive commandment that is re-emphasized in פרשת דברים.”

It is always good to know the source of a Mitzva. And it is similarly important to realize the gravity of the sinfulness of one who speaks badly of the precious gift that is Israel!