Aliya According to Rashi

Rashi has a different approach to the Mitzva of living in Israel. He points to the specific wording of the Pasuk.

In verse 33:53 it says והורשתם את הארץ וישבתם בה, that “You should inherit the Land and dwell in it.” Rashi interprets ״והורשתם״ to mean והורשתם אותה מיושביה, that you should inherit it of others who dwell in it.

He is very clear that our right to Eretz Yisrael depends on our ridding ourselves of the other nations living there. One is dependent on the other. We are only entitled to the Land if we drive them out.

We cannot effectively settle the Land if other nations are there who could have a negative influence on the spirituality of the Jewish people.

It is quite clear from both Rashi and the Ramban, that living in Israel is a very important and basic Mitzva for the nation of Israel.