Living the Jewish Dream

Shavua Tov. In today’s Parsha, we have a description of the ceremony of ביכורים, the bringing of the first fruits of the seven species to the בית המקדש. This was a ceremony that was celebrated with great joy.

Each of the seven species, was brought in a different basket. People were greeted with song, as they made their way to Jerusalem. The ביכורים could not be brought before the holiday of Shavuot. The latest date was the twenty fifth of Kislev, even before the holiday of Chanukah ever existed.

The וידוי ביכורים, or, confession of Bikurum, was a statement of joy and appreciation. The gratitude expressed was that the contributor merited the fulfillment of a Jewish dream. He not only was living in the land promised to us by Hashem, but he benefitted first hand from the yield of that land.

This expression of gratitude of being able to live in the land of our ancestors, should be expressed by us regularly. We, too, are living the Jewish dream.