Rebuke and Love

This Shabbat we read פרשת נצבים. Rabbeinu Bechaye, in his introduction to this Parsha, spoke of the importance of being able to receive תוכחה, rebuke.

Aside from mentioning that loving תוכחה is a sign of good Midot, character, there is an incredible statement made by Rabbeinu Bechaye.

He writes that a true relationship of love between two individuals, must include תוכחה. It is simply not a relationship of love, if this relationship is one where one cannot rebuke the other.

If someone truly loves another individual, he will not be able to remain silent if he sees that individual in a bad way. Because of his love, he will rebuke to help that person get back on track.

This is not a subject commonly discussed. But it is very true and must be taken seriously. If there is love between two individuals, there must be rebuke. Without it, it is not really love. Shabbat Shalom