Choose Teshuva

Shavua Tov. We read this morning about a special Mitzva, referring to Teshuva. The Torah says כי המצוה הזאת לא רחוקה היא, that this Mitzva, referring to תשובה, is not far away. It is not in the heavens, in that one might think it is something unattainable.

On the contrary, קרובה היא אליך, it is very near to you. All one has to do is show the desire of coming closer to Hashem. Chazal say, הבא להיטהר מסייעין אותו, that if one wishes to purify himself, he will receive help from Hashem.

It is no coincidence that this Parsha always comes before Rosh Hashanah. It ends with the various choices that man has in this world, and urges us to ובחרת בחיים, choose life.

This Rosh Hashanah should fill us with the resolve to return to Hashem and make the right choices of purity and holiness.