Family Nation

The book, “John Lennon and the Jews”, was written as a refutation of the famous song, “Imagine”. The author Zeev Maghen felt that this song represented ideas contrary to religion and religious beliefs. The book is a clever proof as to why being Jewish is special.

One of Maghen’s arguments about the uniqueness of the Jewish people is that we are all part of a family. We are a nation, not a religion. He correctly claims that the word, יהדות, meaning, “Judaism”, is not found in the Tanach or Talmud.

In addition, a Christian or Muslim can be removed from their respective religions, by rejecting that religion’s doctrine. That is not the case with Judaism. No matter how far a person may stray from Jewish practices, he will always remain a Jew.

We are part of a family-nation. That is why the pain of any Jew anywhere, is the pain of every Jew. The Universalists and Leftists try to take away the uniqueness of the Jewish people by saying everyone is special. But not everyone is part of our family with our special way of life and special destiny.