Hashem is True King

Parshat שופטים contains the rules related to a king. Rabbeinu Bechaye emphasizes that even though the Torah gives specific rules related to a king, Hashem never intended that there be a king in Israel.

Hashem wanted the people to know that He is the King of the universe. There was no need for a king of flesh and blood.

The Prophet Shmuel was the one who was asked to appoint a king. Shmuel was very offended that the people made such a request. Hashem told him that it was not against him that the people rebelled, but it was against Hashem Himself.

There are different ways that we refer to G-d. At times we refer to Hashem as אבינו, our father. But at other times, we view Hashem as מלכנו, our King.

The aspect of אבינו shows Hashem as the G-d of mercy. The מלכנו shows Hashem as the G-d of true justice.

This is most appropriate as we are about to enter the holiday season. We are to serve Hashem as both father and king so that we approach both the positive and negative commandments with the same reverence and care. Shabbat Shalom