Removal of Landmark

Shavua Tov. Today’s Parsha has the Mitzva of הסגת גבול, the removal of a landmark. This refers to one who moves a fence between two neighbors into the other person’s property.

The Halacha is that if one violates this commandment in Israel, he has two sins, לא תגזול, do not steal, as well as לא תסיג גבול, do not remove a landmark.

However, outside of Israel, one only violates, לא תגזול, do not steal. The reason for this is explained by the תורה תמימה as follows: In Israel, when one possesses land it is permanent and is meant to remain forever. Therefore, the removal of a landmark also applies to them. But in חוץ לארץ all possessions are temporary. Even when one owns property there, it will not last long. Property has the same rule as מטלטלים, movable objects. The law of הסגת גבול does not apply to מטלטלים, in which case, there is one transgression and not two.