Shabbat Shuva

This Shabbat is called Shabbat Shuva. It is given this name because of the first two words of the Haftarah, שובה ישראל. We are to return עד ה׳ אלוקיך, until Hashem our G-d. It is difficult to understand how one returns UNTIL Hashem. It would make more sense to say simply that one needs to return to Hashem. Why "until"? The message here is that it is obvious that one cannot reach the level of Hashem as His greatness is really unfathomable. What is expected of us is that we never stop trying to work on ourselves and improve ourselves. I have been privileged to know several elderly holy Jews who even into their nineties are doing self examinations to work on their character. Perhaps this Shabbat is teaching us never to be complacent. There is always room for improvement. We should also surround ourselves with people who also see working on themselves as a priority. This is how we return עד ה׳ אלוקיך, "until" Hashem. Shabbat Shalom