More on Laziness

We mentioned the problem of עצלות or laziness as a major obstacle in the performance of Mitzvot. We also defined זריזות or alacrity as the opposite positive trait to laziness. The Orchot Tzaddikim describes the עצלן as the master of making excuses to get out of doing things that he knows he ought to do. One of his best excuses is that there are others that are lazier than him, so considering everything, he's not so bad. A person must take hold of himself to be self motivated. Many shy away from a religious way of life because they don't have the proper discipline. The Orchot Tzaddikim says that one can direct his laziness in a positive way. If he is being enticed to do a sin, or to go somewhere that he knows is bad for him, that's the time to use laziness skills to prevent oneself from doing the wrong thing. If the rabbis wrote so much about laziness, then it must be something to be very much aware of.