Lessons from לך לך

Shavua Tov. A few more ideas from Parshat לך לך: It's written, ולאברם היטיב בעבורה, that it was good for Avraham because of her. The Talmud in בבא מציעא says that if one shows respect to his wife, it is the key to financial success. If it worked for Avraham, it can work for us, too. A second point that was learned from the Parsha is to avoid strife at all costs. Avraham set the example in the way that he handled the disagreement between Lot and himself. Even though he was right, he set the example that it wasn't worth the fight. And the final example learned from Avraham was that he refused to take spoils of war after his military victory. He felt that he would be minimizing the miracle if he made material gain from it. He is teaching us that all of our worldly possessions are a gift from Hashem and we are not entitled to anything. All three of these points are valuable lessons to take with us as we begin the new week.