Cities of Refuge

An interesting final point of Parshat Masei is the idea of cities of refuge. Just like the main highways alert people of where hospitals are located, people were alerted to where the closest city of refuge was located. There are certain parallels to what allows one to be protected by such a city. For example, the amount of negligence involved in a car accident would determine whether one gets such protection or not. If he drove while intoxicated it would be called קרוב למזיד, close to malice, which is almost murder. He would be at the mercy of the גורל הדם, avenger of blood. If it was a complete accident with no negligence at all, he would go free. But if there was some greater care that he should have taken but didn't, he would go to the city of refuge. This would be similar to chopping down a tree without checking if the blade of the ax was on tightly. If the blade flew off and someone was killed by the flying blade, the city of refuge would be the solution until the Kohen Gadol passes away.