This week's Parsha, Matot, has the discussion between Moshe Rabbeinu and the two and a half tribes of Reuven, Gad and half of Menahe and their request to remain on the east side of the Jordan. Moshe's initial reaction was very negative. He asked: "Shall your brothers go to battle and you will remain here? (In Chutz L'aretz) Moshe was afraid that such an action would demoralize the people the same way that the report of the spies harmed the nation. It was only after they reassured Moshe that they would do their part in fighting the war to conquer the Land, that they were granted permission to stay. They kept their promise and joined the fight before returning to the Golan where they lived. Maintaining a positive morale and staying away from negativity is a good way to maintain a healthy outlook on life. Pessimists and whiners should be kept at a distance for they can tend to bring us down. Shabbat Shalom