Fear of Heaven

Shavua Tov. There is one more important Pasuk mentioned in Parshat Eikev. That is the one that says, מה ה׳ אלוקיך שואל מעמך כי אם ליראה את ה׳, what does Hashem ask of you? Only to fear Hashem, etc. The word מה is interpreted as מאה which is the hint to trying to make 100 Brachot every day. The main message here is what Chazal say, הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים, that, in essence, everything is predestined and the only thing that we truly have free will about is whether to fear Hashem or not. This fear is a leap of faith that shows that we truly believe in Hashem. The Alshich explains this point by saying that loving Hashem alone will not bring a person to observe the Mitzvot. The fear of Hashem shows a certain degree of surrender and subservience to Hashem. Such an individual will be afraid to violate the commandments. Rav Elazar זצ״ל used to say that one who is truly religious has two principle beliefs. One, is that he has אמונת חכמים, he has faith in the rabbis. And the second is that he has יראת שמים, fear of Heaven.