Shema Yisrael

The first paragraph of שמע is also in this week's Parsha. Aside from it being a great affirmation of faith, it also contains seven important Torah commandments. 1. The oneness of G-d. There can only be one G-d and never more than one. 2. The commandment to love Hashem from the words ואהבת את ה׳ אלקיך 3. Study Torah regularly which is learned from ושננתם לבניך. How are we to teach our children if we don't study ourselves? 4. The Mitzva to wear Tefillin on our arms 5. The Mitzva to wear Tefillin on our heads. 6. The Torah commandment to recite the שמע when we lie down and rise up. Morning and night. 7. The commandment to place a Mezuza on our door posts and on our gates.