Jewish Unity

The act of heroism of Pinchas which stopped the plague that killed 24,000 Jews, was the intent he had. He was thoroughly bound to Hashem and his motivation was to bring honor to G-d and to sanctify His name. Hashem appreciated this act and rewarded Pinchas with Shalom. He lived with inner peace and tranquility. This week we lost a brave soldier in the IDF, Shlomo Rindenau ז״ל, who was killed in a tragic army accident. I attended the funeral and the Shiva and I was greatly moved and inspired. The outpouring of love and concern from Jews of all backgrounds was very moving. I was particularly impressed by the holy soldiers of the IDF. Whether they wore a Kippa or not, their pain and deep devotion to a fellow soldier was heart warming. It infuriates me that there are so many Shules who refuse to say a prayer for Tzahal and all of the Pinchases that defend us. It is inexcusable. One of the visitors to the Rindenau family told Mrs. Rindenau: "The Mashiach has to be coming soon because of the incredible Achdut that has been demonstrated at the Shiva." The Jewish people truly are one family. Shabbat Shalom