Bad Choices

Another point related to the destruction of the second Temple was the problem from within the Jewish community between the rabbis and the "Biryonim" also known as the Zealots. The Zealots felt that the only way to deal with the Romans was to fight them. They felt that this was the only solution. The rabbis told them that it would not help as the decree was made and they would not succeed. Meanwhile, three wealthy Jews, Kalba Savua, Nakdimon Ben Gurion, and Ben Tzitzit Hakest were willing to open their storehouses to sustain the Jews of Jerusalem. They were willing to open their storehouses and felt their supplies could last twenty one years. The Zealots, in their great zeal and their absolute certainty in the correctness of their cause, burned down these storehouses and brought horrible famine to Jerusalem. We need to be so careful that everything we do is for the sake of Heaven. We must not get caught up in the "cause" for it may not end up as we thought it would. The end does not justify the means; especially when the means brings great harm along the way.