Torah Study Elevates

There is a fascinating Gemara in Brachot 8a that speaks about bringing down the Shechina, the Divine Presence in a world that no longer has prophecy or great people as there were during biblical times or even Talmudic times. The Talmud says the following: "Ever since the Temple was destroyed, the four cubits of Halacha-i.e. Torah study is the only sanctuary and abode which the Holy One Blessed Be He has in this world. That is, Torah study is the only abode for the revelation of His unity. This quote is meant to teach us what is the vehicle in which we can attain a real connection to Hashem. It seems that it is only through intense Torah study that we become spiritually attached to holiness. It is not easy to learn with this intensity where we feel transformed. If one can achieve this, he will realize that he is pursuing the only real truth. The Ramchal said it best when he described the study of Talmud as, "an exercise in the pursuit of truth." Study Torah. The spiritual rewards are limitless.