The Tanya has a section on Kavana, the proper intent we are to have in the manner that we observe the Mitzvot, pray and study Torah. There are two types of Kavana; one is intellectual and the other animalistic. The intellectual seems to be the superior method as one uses his intellect to contemplate Hashem's greatness and makes a sincere effort to attach to Hashem with love and fear. The animalistic level of Kavana is not as inferior as it sounds. It refers to the Jew who serves Hashem through instinct where he just knows that this is the proper way to act. This instinct is an inheritance from the Patriarchs. The Angels are also referred to as animals or חיות הקודש, as they also serve Hashem based on instinct. To be able to serve Hashem on an instinctive level is an indication that the person has not allowed outside negative influences to disrupt his observance of Mitzvot. The point of the Tanya is that we need to elevate the level of Kavana we are on, and strive to go higher.