Blessing Israel

One final message of yesterday's Parsha came from a Pasuk that is found two other times in the book of Breishit as well as in Balak. " Those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse you will be cursed." In essence, this is a three pronged warning to the nations of the world, that they had better treat the Jewish people in a favorable way. If they support the Jewish people and the State of Israel, they will be blessed. If they turn against Israel, they will pay a heavy price. We are a nation that dwells apart. When we rejoice, the nations of the world are sad. When we mourn, they rejoice. This has been our reality. A hopeful sign of Mashiach's arrival is the number of people and even nations, that are openly embracing Israel and Judaism. Ultimately, the whole world will recognize the truth of G-d and the Torah. In the meantime, those who support us will be blessed, and those who curse us will be cursed.