Parshat Chukat

Parshat Chukat has many interesting stories including the Red Heifer, the death of Miriam and Aharon, the copper snake, and the fall of Sichon and Og. The main focus seems to be the sin of Moshe and Aharon and the hitting of the rock. There are many theories as to what exactly was their sin. The Alshich gives an unusual answer by saying that the talking to the rock symbolized the importance of discussing matters of Halacha. Moshe and Aharon missed the opportunity of planting a strong faith in Halacha to the nation. The Kabbalists say that if Moshe had not hit the rock, there never would have been disagreement in Halacha. There is further symbolism in the Parsha to the Written Law as evidenced by the well of Miriam, and the Oral Law as symbolized by the Mann. The Halacha was meant to be a balance between the Written and Oral Law, and ultimately we were to understand that the observance of Halacha was a fulfillment of G-d's will in this world. Moshe missed his chance to have this ingrained more strongly in עם ישראל. Shabbat Shalom